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Over 300,000 people experience out of hospital cardiac arrest every year in the United States alone.  The 3 C's are all it takes to save a life.  

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Please watch one of our short videos below.  Grab a couch cushion, follow along and learn how to save a life in 10 minutes or less!

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Hands-only CPR is easy to learn, easy to remember and most importantly easy to perform when the time comes.  Push to Survive is free to access and you can refresh yourself anytime you wish by watching our videos or attending a PTS demonstration near you.  

Push to Survive saves lives

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Follow along with our amazing videos.  You will learn CPR and be prepared to save a life.

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People of all ages and physical abilities can learn this vital life saving program.  It's free and it only takes 10 minutes. 

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Sudden cardiac arrest happens out in the community every day.  You may be the first rescuer on scene.  WE NEED YOU to perform hands only CPR until EMS arrives.

Push to Survive Community

Utah's emergency medical community is committed to reducing death as a result of sudden cardiac arrest.  Click below for a list of participating agencies and groups.

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Would you like to acquire a CPR education kit for your office, school or community group?  Click here for an application.

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