Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be sued for doing CPR?

No.  Attempting resuscitation with CPR is covered under statute, law and rule of many local, state and national municipalities.  

Why don't we check a pulse anymore?

Locating a pulse on a sick person is extremely difficult and unreliable.  A person that is UNCONSCIOUS AND NOT BREATHING NORMALLY  is very likely to be suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

Why do we not give breaths anymore?

A victim of sudden cardiac arrest does not need extra air or oxygen during the first few minutes of cardiac arrest.  By recognizing the need and providing chest compressions as soon as possible, you will circulate all of the oxygen needed until EMS arrives.  

Could I really make a difference?

Sudden cardiac arrest most often happens outside of the hospital.  This makes anybody a potential witness and therefore a rescuer.  If CPR is started within the first 2 minutes of SCA, the victim is 50% more likely to survive and return to a normal life.  

What about children?

CPR steps are exactly the same for children and infants.  Please look in the near future for our Push to Survive Kids edition.