Grab a loved one, grab a pillow or couch cushion, click on one of the videos below and learn how to save a life.

Push to Survive is a public safety education campaign.  Nearly 400,000 people experience Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) in the United States every year.  92% of these people do not survive.


By recognizing the signs of sudden cardiac arrest and acting quickly, nearly 1 in 2 of these victims can survive and return to a normal life.  Push to Survive is a free CPR education program aimed at giving YOU the tools you need to save a life in theses circumstances.  If you witness a person collapse, YOU are the key to survival.


Learning what to do is easy!  You can watch our videos Online, practice on a couch cushion or pillow and be prepared to help.

       Push to Survive can be delivered to groups as small as a family, or as large as a conference or festival and every size in between.  Just click on "Request a Class"


Remembering what do do is easy!  "Three C's"  Check, Call and Compress!   You can visit our page and revisit the videos and refresh your memory as often as you like for free!


Push to Survive is committed to our community.  What's more, our community grows every day.  Push to Survive was started in Salt Lake City by Unified Fire Authority.  The Utah Firefighters Emerald Society owns the rights to Push to Survive.  As such, it can be utilized by any agency, municipality, organization or community.  We ask only that you contact us and allow us to help you make this program reach it's potential in your community.  Push to Survive community has many assets and partnerships that make it's impact great and we are always looking to spread the word to other areas.  If you would like Push to Survive to be in your area, contact us and together we can save lives!

Check Call Compress